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April 23, 2012

Please give me a few tips.

After a few days of looking at all the Linux Os available I began to get very confused decided to just go with the wubi installer and dual boot my computer. Until I get the hang of linux and I am able to get rid of windows totally. So Wubi loaded UBUNTU 11.0 on a seperate hard drive. My computer is a old dell pentium 3 with 384mb ram 2 20gig hdd and a external 120gig. A BFG nvidia geforce 6 series with 256 video memory. No dvd burner but a cd burner.So when I boot ubuntu it goes so slow that I can feel my hair getting gray waiting for it to load. I am wondering if there is a setting I can change or something I can do to make it at least as fast as my windows xp which I have learned to accept, but any slower than that and we have a problem you know. So did i give my computer more than it could chew? If so what should i put in it for a operating system? If not how do I tweek it to run alot faster. It is really slow but it works. i would be grateful of any help you might give. thanks

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