August 22, 2009

Please ignore this thread.

Please ignore this thread. I was trying to reply to another thread and hit new thread instead of reply.... Guess I should have zoomed in more on my phone :S

From one new Linux user to another I would just say find any disrto, dive right in and don't be afriad to mess things up, make back ups of every file you edit just incase you screw it up. Give yourself a project and jus go with it, don't stop until it's complete. The more you play with it Linux, the easier it becomes. force yourself to use terminal not GUI. If you have to use it there are ways to toggle between the two.

Personally I love ubuntu server because it forces you to use terminal. it's ugly but after awhile the blinking dot starts to become atractive :P You should add me we can learn with each other

I don't think this penguin is very friendly, it keeps bashing me...:woohoo:

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