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November 27, 2009

Plz help w/ file formats for dual boot Win7-Ubuntu

I'm new to Linux and I decided to dual boot W7 and Ubuntu. I already installed and set up my W7 and made a spare partition for Linux (also have 3rd partition for files) and i made them all NTFS (by default so to speak, besides when i tried linux out i think it worked fine under NTFS as well).
But now im not so sure... so here are my questions:
- How should I set up my dual boot file formats? Which ones should I use (NTFS, ext3, ext4...)? Same for all partitions or different for each system?
I think thats all.. if you need more info plz ask..

Thx in advance!

P.S. Just decided to wipe my 32 bit OS and install 64 bit... so yea...
Another P.S. Just to confirm... like i said i made 3 partitions 1-primary (for windows), 2-primary (for linux), 3-logical (for files)... did i do everything right? i mean the primary-logical part?

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