May 12, 2011

Question On a Project....

Okay I have myself faced with this. I have a family friend's computer that is giving me issues. If I were to assess it I would say it either has a worm that is creating files to take up space on the HDD or the fragmented files that are shown have no home. Now I tried to run the XP default defrag via computer management. It showed over 50% of the drive was all fragmented files and it said it couldn't fix them. Now I am wondering this- is there a way I could run a live CD and run a program that would just blow all the fragmented files? I will back everything up. I have another way I can fix their computer so I am not really fishing for ideas on what to do, but they're accepted. I just wanna know if there is a live CD with a program to do this. Maybe system restore CD??? Thanks in advance

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