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October 25, 2011

Questions about Arch linux..

So after discovering the latest Ubuntu release, I've decided to change linux distros. Ubuntu decided to go the user-friendly path with it's new update. I've always gone for somewhere in between user friendly and complex, and I should probably choose one or the other, so I'm interested in Arch Linux, and I have a few questions about it.

Is it a command line installer? I've heard you'll need to check out the wiki guide on installing, problem is can I view it while installing? otherwise I'm gonna have to print it out, which is a pain (since I don't have a separate laptop). I've heard Gentoo is the most confusing linux OS out there, and Arch looks pretty complex as well, so how confusing it in comparison?
Also, what desktop environment does it use?

I have no more blank cd's at the moment, so I'm going to install Linux Mint for now, but I would like to move onto something else at some point.

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