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August 19, 2014

Server Requirments

I guess Im an old guy. Been in networking since before it was digital. Ive been a Linux/Unix user for some time.. probably an advanced user. I have decided to step up my Linux knowledge. ..taking classes online and in the classroom starting with essentials. ..hoping to fill in some blanks.

I have searched the forums but couldnt find (possibly not using the correct keywords) anything provided suggestions for server hardware to be used in a home lab.

My intention it to get at least 2 (maybe 3) blade servers that will fit in my router/switch lab rack. Setup Nix services and connect to my stand alone network at first. Later possibly but it all on the web. I see alot of Dell Poweredges out on craigslist and ebay but unless Im mistaken the are x86 based processors.

So.. I supposed my question is : Whats is a reasonably prices blade server using x86-x64 or x64 architecture ?

Thanks for the heads up. Im sure Ill be back asking all kinds of nubi questions.


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