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July 30, 2009

Setting up an Apache web server

Hello all, I'm new to the community and have a few questions to ask.

Well first off I'll let you know what I'm trying to accomplish. I would like to set up an Apache web server to run run multiple sites off it. I currently have a domain that is being hosted by godaddy.com but I would like to set up a server so I can start learning how to do all the work myself.

I'm wouldn't say I'm a complete beginner with Linux because I've played around with it here and there so I know most of the basics.
I'm wondering what Distro I should go with. If there are any good beginners guides you could recommend. Is it possible to just drop the domain that I'm using now with godaddy and use my current IP? or should I just continue using the current domain I have now?
Another thing in the future I plan on using this same computer to run as a server, is it possible to have it running as a server as well as a web server and if I do that should I set up the server side first, then the web server?

I'll be setting it up on one of my home desktops that aren't use all hardware is current and up today

Thank you in advance. Any help is very much appreciated and once again thank you very much for any and all replies. I'm ready to learn :silly:

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