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June 4, 2010

Should I go Linux?

Hello everyone! :)

New to the forums here, and I would like some input.

I have been told a lot about Linux, Ubuntu specifically from friends and family, a lot of them suggested I should make the switch, and well, here I am beginning my research :)! I am quite familiar with PCs, especially when it comes to hardware, but less so when it comes to software. I personally use my desktop (built myself less than a month ago) for school work, and gaming. Hardcore gaming to be more specific :P. My schoolwork is usually done through office, which should be no problem since I can use Openoffice on Linux, but I also do lots of programming, python anyone? :) I also use it for watching movie/anime/series that I download.

Examples for some games I play:-
* CoD4 MW2 [Steam]
* Team Fortress 2 [Steam]
* Dragon Age: Origins
* Mass Effect 2
* Heroes of Newerth

Note: I also took a distro quiz, and here are my results:-

* 100% Linux Mint
* 100% Mandriva
* 100% Kubuntu
* 100% Ubuntu (The only one I've been told about/ familiar with name)
* 100% Opensuse

A brief over-view of my PC's components:-

* CPU: i7 930 @4.0 Ghz
* GPU: Ati Radeon 5970
* RAM: Corsair Dominator 6GB
* Lite-on CD/DVD drive
* WD Caviar Black 1TB HDD [x2]

My questions:-

1) What will Linux/Ubuntu provide me that Windows 7 will not?

2) Will installing Linux/Ubuntu enable me do what I do on my PC? Game/Study/Surf Web?

3) I don't mind troubleshooting and all, but would the experience be as if I were building something from almost scratch?

4) I'd rather not going into command prompts. Is this possible while installing Linux?

5) Can I achieve overclocking with Linux? Or do I have to go back to stock settings?

6) Will I be gaining any ground in performance while playing games for example?

Many many thanks in advance guys! :laugh:


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