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November 8, 2009

small distro + wine

howdy folks ;)

I need a little help from y'all...
I'm looking for a small distro that can run wine relatively well and/or is not hell to install...
and I'll be running that linux distro on a virtual machine, hence the need for it to be lightweight

basically, I'm running two custom softwares for work in my home computer. one works fine in win7 (gasp! i know... i know...) while one does not. I thought "oh well, there's XP mode" but turns out my processor does not have the necessary features for it
I'm trying my luck if I can run the non-working software with wine.

any ideas? I was able to run wine relatively easily slax before (with some minor font problems) and have also made a virtual XP machine before in Ubuntu (in a separate partition) so I know I should still be able to function with two full blown OSes running alongside each other without crashing so here's hoping that win7+small distro should be fast enough as well

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