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February 20, 2012

So, I decided to...

teach myself C programming. I'm a first year Computer Science student. I taught myself bash scripting before taking this course, and that was during high school(same time I started using Linux). Unfortunately, they don't teach C in our University. They introduced C++ in the first semester, just the basics, we didn't even get to functions and other stuffs like arrays. Second semester is almost done and they're teaching us Java and I heard it's gonna be Java all the way. Maybe a few look back to C++ but that's it. No C. I know C is almost like C++(It doesn't matter, they won't teach us that much C++ anyway). But I've been reading on the internet and have read that Linux kernel is mostly in C(I wanna contribute someday, you know :D ) For some time I've been looking for some books in the library and found this book entitled Sams Teach Yourself C Programming in Linux in 21 days. It's year 2000 edition. So I was wondering if this book is good(for those who have read it). The book is 12 years old now, can't help to think that some (or maybe most) of the things here are outdated. Is it? Has a lot of things changed in C language in 12 years? And also this might be a stupid question, but i'm gonna ask anyway. Should I do my programming in Linux or Windows? Most people in our place use Windows(seems like I'm the only one who knows and uses Linux) so if I were to try and port my programs to, say, my friend's or school computers to test my codes, is it gonna be hard and gonna need a lot of tricks? I know the book says "C Programming in LINUX" but I want to test it on both systems but do it mostly for Linux. And one more reason why I want to do it on Windows too is because my box broke last week(stupid ants made their nest inside my harddisk) so I'm on my Mom's laptop right now and this doesn't have Linux because my Mom doesn't want Linux on it. VM is not an option because this laptop is kinda slow. "Hey, there are distros out there that can run on slow machines" No, just no Linux on this laptop. So I might have to start learning C on this laptop. And one more question, does GNU C Compiler work well on Windows? How do I get it running on Windows?

I don't even know if this is the right place to post this topic on Getting Started with Linux forum but, hey, I'm trying to get something started here. Any help is appreciated.

jeromesevilla (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk


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