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December 20, 2012

Source code - compiler - hardware - kernel OS

I apologize in advance for the "simple" questions I'm going to do and I hope do not irritate the experts so please have patience .... even I read linux's articles on the internet I'm lost about this concepts ....

How you have realised I am just a beginner and I would like to get myself in the linux world ... but .... first to try with the command line, etc. ... I was trying to understand what happens when I install a Distro via CD. I read that the kernal [core] that is created comes from the interaction of sources code and the work of the compiler that fits them to the hardware present on the machine .... Is it correct?

I was wondering, what really happens when I insert the CD and install a distro? What files are in the cd?

Aware that it is very complicated >> How can I create a custom distro's cd for a server?

What means compile a program?

thanks in advance

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