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July 7, 2014

Tried Ubuntu, seemed limited

Hi all, new guy here. Well, a bit ago I tried Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my computer. It was nice - didn't seem as fast as Windows 8.1 - but I liked it. My problem with it was that it seemed kind of underdone - I'm going to lay out a couple problems here, one minor annoyance, and one major issue, and my question is going to be whether this is just Ubuntu's fault, and some other distro would work better, or is this all of Linux.

First, the minor irritant: The sound system setting wouldn't save. I had my headphones selected as audio output, and that setting kept getting lost, so that the audio would route to some sort of default device and I wouldn't hear it. It bothered me that the system couldn't seem to save such a simple setting.

But here's what really made me drop Ubuntu: A piece of software that's very important to me failed on it, whereas it works fine under windows. That software is Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS). I make electronic music on my computer, and I had two VSTs (plugins for the program - they're software instruments) fail under Linux whereas they work great under Windows. VSTs are coded as .DLL files for everyone's information.

One of them simply froze the program and never unfroze, and the other lagged the sound down to the point where it sounded awful. They both work without a hitch under Windows (in fairness, the one that froze the program does that once in a *LONG* while under Windows).

I use that program for my music creation all the time, and I didn't want to have to switch back to Windows constantly for it, so I got rid of Ubuntu. My question is, again, would a different distro be different, or is this just an unavoidable Linux problem?

The impression I got was that Linux (at least Ubuntu) is great as long as you don't want to step outside the boundaries of the stuff the developers thought of for you to do. If you do want to do that, then suddenly, everything goes to hell.


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