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December 27, 2009

Ubuntu --> Windows has little to worry about?

Last login was awhile back, about abandoning the MS ship on a new computer. I finally went with another XP Pro installation + Ubuntu 9.10 on a dual boot after MS Genuine Advantage marked the OS as possibly pirated. It wasn't. I sent them all necessary documents along with the installation disk purchased on E-bay, all clean, all legit. They want to offer me a replacement with Windows 7 for some more $$. No. This is the end of it with MS if they manage to shut off the legit XP Pro install. One thing I can say for XP Pro is that it is stable. A process might crash now and then, but it can be shut down manually w/o affecting anything else. XP OS has never crashed, not once.

So now I'm looking for a version of Linux that's as user-friendly to install and use as Ubuntu. Ubuntu does a great job, except when it stops. It just freezes. REISUB sequence won't usually work. The machine just freezes, on average about once every 2-3 hours. (This msg is being written from XP so as to be sure the OS endures to get it out.)

Rather than having to experiment with a dozen or more other Linux flavors to replace Ubuntu, I decided to ask around for recommendations.

Any suggestions?

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