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June 3, 2011

various newby questions

I've installed linux on an old compac Evo with Pentium 4 processor. It used to have win 2K on it but that OS has been totally replaced by linux mint 10 Julia. I have some questions;

1) I have a wireless router and I'd like to use mac address security with it. How do you find the Mac address in linux?

2) I"ve noticed that the apps I've downloaded have no instruction on how to use them. Where do I find them. In particular OpenUniverse Space Simulator, Bos Wars, LordsAWar. They seem to have no help files attached or anything. Where do I find out how to run the apps?

3) When I run windows and go to youtube (I have realplayer on that computer) to download guitar videos, what's the simplest linux variant of realplayer to use and how do I get the app to ask me if I want to download the video like realplayer?

These three things are what's eating at me at the current time. I'll go linux all the way if I can figure out how to make the thing work. One last question....I'm a copier tech and would like to use my compac to troubleshoot copiers that are on networks. Does linux offer print drivers for all the major copiers (especially Sharp and Canon) out there? Thanks in advance. I have a feeling this is the start of a beautiful relalationship.

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