September 5, 2010

VirtuaLinux- Virtualization of Linux OS

I wasnt sure where to post this... I've been working on a website that will help people decide which Linux distro to choose, by virtually trying it out online. Its pretty simple, but I tried to keep to the spirit of the linux distros. Its full of links for new users, an overview of the OS, and more. :) (why .tk? its open source like linux ;) ) -the link doesn't work, but you can copy and paste into your web browser to see it :)

As of now, I've made Ubuntu, KDE, Mandriva, and Fedora open to virtualization. Tell me if you guys like it, and give me suggestions!!:cheer: :laugh: I'm not trying to push my website to get some hits on it. I'm just trying to help new Linux users choose before the 2 month wait for free discs or the 7 hour download (that I went through). :)

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