May 13, 2012

Virus riddled windoze machine

My sister has (or, I hope she still has) a very old windoze laptop that had no virus protection and got killed by viruses.
After playing with Ubuntu on my own machine (and running very well I might add) I wander if it is possable to boot her old laptop up on Ubuntu from a pen-drive (like I did with my machine at the start) and get the photoes of it?
The laptop died about 10 years ago, and was an old laptop then. I don't see this being a big issue. I may not be able to boot the thing of a pen-drive, I may have to make bootable disk. I think I can do that.
Would I have to "clean" the photoes once I get them off so they won't harm another windoze machine?

Am I going about this the right way?

Seems like a simlpe solution (now that I know I can use Linux) to me.

What have I missed?

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