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May 20, 2009

Wanaby Baby

Hi all,

I am a wannaby baby. I am looking to completely strip MS from my old laptop completely including doing a format on the drive so that I can remove all the legacy MS upgade rubbish. And then install Linux onto a blank canvas.

I have been interested in Linux for a while now but recently once I hatched my plan I have been reading a plethera of websites and articles about the infinte variations and combinations of Linus OS and Apps available and I am becoming a little spoilt for choice.

My question therefore is this... Can any of the members of this forum reccommend a good beginners system to install on my laptop to get me going and cut my teeth with?

I am reasonably experienced with PCs, I am a reasonably advanced VBA programmer and dable a little with HTML code, I have built my own PC and have set up a fully encripted wireless LAN at home with networked printers and storage, so I am not a complete muppet. I am however a complete Linux virgin.

As a few pointers to the direction I want to go.. I intend to use the laptop for web/email and watching videos etc during my commute to/from work each day and other basic stuff like that. Maybe a little HTML/PHP coding etc so I can finally do the enhancements to my website that I want to do.

I am keen to not go down the "..looks just like windows.." route if for no other reason that it will confuse my wife and discourage my wife so that she will not nick the laptop off me like she did with my new one.

Any suggestion on what to do or not do would be greatly recieved...

Thanks again


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