August 11, 2010

***WANTED*** Best site for distro news

I have been using Linux now for 7 some odd years actively...and I have used just about all the distros on Distrowatch's top 100 list at least once. My question though is more along the lines of ... is there a website that I can go to or a mailing list where people post about there particular distributions or spins of distributions that they are looking for testers or people who want to try something new? I would love something like this as I dont like to be stuck to just one distro, but rather like to bounce from distro to distro. I have spun my own versions of Ubuntu, Fedora, and even built and LFS distro and Rock Linux distro, and I just want to be able to use something new that someone else has come up with and just mess around with it and give input. I just like to play with obscure as much as I like to play with mainstream and sure Ubuntu and OpenSUSE (sorry shameless plug [I love these two distros and always go back to them]) have their place in the community. If you could let me know a site or project that is near and dear to you I would appreciate it. If someone wants me to test their own personal spin or build perfect :-) (though be warned I am using a lappy for all of my testing) Lets play with Linux :-)

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