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January 16, 2017

What distribution i need? how to learn linux and bash?

Hi! Im a spanish student of electronics and i join in computer science programming arduino. Later i study something of java by myself and now i want to use linux and learn bash.

Now i am using ubuntu GNOME for 2 weeks ago, but i dont really like it(WHY DONT HAVE DESKTOP??), so i want to try other distros. I use the computer for use firefox, programming arduino and java, freeoffice, play League of Legends and for some programs of electronics(i still have problems with wine, but i hope i can fix it).

I want a distribution for learn linux and use every day. Mainly for surfing in internet and use the programs i said before.

By the way, what is the best way to learn linux? Im some lost, Im studying bash, but i dont know if that is the best for learning...

And where or how can i learn bash? Because i already tried spanish courses in youtube, but they are too bad. There are better videos in english, but its some hard to me for understanding...

I hope u can understand my english ;)

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