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December 8, 2009

What I need vs. What I have

This is my first post to the forums.
I need to convert an old computer to Linux for my 5 y/o grandson and grown daughter to use.

Grandson will want to do nothing but play games, both those installed on the HDD, and online. I prefer he uses Firefox as his browser.
Daughter will need Firefox as well, no games.

The computer I have to use is:
PIII 600
256 mb ram
ATI 3D Rage IIc video
plenty of disk space..

I will have to administer the computer. I'm not new to Linux, but haven't used it in a few years.
The only requirements I have are:
a graphical installer
Gnome desktop (possibly another wm, but something very easy to get the hang of)
shouldn't be too slow
Parental Controls for grandson I have to be able to restrict what he does online.

Could someone please suggest a distro or two?
Thanks very much,

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