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September 1, 2012

What Linux Distro?

Hello, my friend has a fairly slow computer that runs windows vista extremely slow. Minecraft (a cpu intensive java game) is very laggy so I was looking into a lightweight linux distribution for his computer. It needs to be able to boot off a jumpdrive thats 4gb.

So, I tried MacPup, a very lightweight distribution, and internet and everything was about 25 times faster. But after going through the struggle of getting java the hard way, minecraft wouldn't show up. When I tried on my computer it would appear, but when i would play it would be very laggy on my computer (which normally runs it at about 200fps). So there's definitely a problem with the drivers in MacPup because I could only get the default driver, Novou, to work (when I tried to install a nvidia one from their website it would give an error about a package that was not in the repository).

The point is, I was wondering if anyone knows a lightweight linux that would fit my needs by have proprietary drivers, i think? Thanks in advanced to anyone who can answer this question.

By the way, this is some of my friend's computer's specs:
2Gb DDR2 RAM, 32 Bit processor, something around 2Ghz dual core processor, I think a NVIDIA Graphics card (that im guessing has more than 256 MB on the graphics card).

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