April 14, 2012

What to write?


I just finished one of my C book (and will be moving to the next one) and wanted to write something that would increase my knowledge. Something that can be useful. I don't mind if I work on it for days, even weeks. I just want to make something out of what I learned. I'm not into graphical programs. I look forward to being a systems programmer someday, needless to say, I joined the MINIX group and email thinking that I could participate on something they're working on, like, porting stuffs or modifying programs. But the topics didn't make sense to me. Maybe because these kind of things are not for beginners, obviously. So I just want to write my own stuffs and learn from them, and then move on to, maybe, applying patch for the Linux kernel(in my dreams, eh?), or making the next desktop environment for Linux.

So after all this crap, do you have any suggestion on what I should write?



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