May 15, 2009

Where and on What do you use?

Throughout the day I imagine most of us go through several different computers. Start a list of all the computers you touch during a normal day with what it runs and what you use it for :D

Photos are bonus points!

I start.

At Work

[li]Desktop 1 (dell p490) - Primary Work Station
Linux Mint 6[/li]
[li]Desktop 2 (dell p340) - Testing IE (lol)
Windows XP Pro[/li]
[li]Laptop 1 (Macbook) - Apple Development
MacOS X[/li]
[li]Laptop 2 (Dell p m65) - Mobile workstation ("always on call")
Dual Boot Linux Mint 6 and Windows 7 RC[/li]
[li]Server 1 (some unmarked blade) - Local Intranet
FreeBSD 7[/li]

At Home

[li]Desktop 1 (custom) - anymore just World of Warcraft :\
Dual Boot Linux Mint 6 and Windows XP[/li]
[li]Desktop 2 (White eMac) - internet in bedroom/alarm clock
MacOS X[/li]
[li]Server 1 (custom) - Local File/Media Server
Ubuntu Server Edition 8.10[/li]
[li]Server 2 (custom) - SSH, VPN, SOCKS, BNC
FreeBSD 7[/li]

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