August 31, 2009

Windows died, want linux, but also to keep data

Through a series of events that involve a virus and the ntfs.sys file getting deleted, I now have a $600 paper weight and am looking to install Linux. I know it would be a simple matter of running an install cd(s), but I want to keep my data that is still on the drive. but since the computer won't even boot into safe mode I can't go through the steps needed to partition and such.

So, what I want to know is it possible to go through the whole partitioning process and such right from a boot cd? there is plenty of room on the hard drive for the install, but I simply don't have access to it. I'll decide later about keeping linux exclusively (more then likely I will since I've been thinking about it for some time), or dual-booting or things like that, right now I have to get into my comp first.

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