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May 5, 2014

wine and kmousetool

I'm currently using windows 7, but I am seriously thinking of switching over to linux. Ubuntu seems like a good place to start and seems to be one of the most popular distributions. Like a lot of people I'm becoming increasingly unhappy with windows, especially the support for XP ending, and the complete mess up of the start menu in windows 8. I'm also looking at installing on my mother's 10 year old laptop, as that has really slowed down after the support ending for XP. But my mother is not in any way technical like myself.

There are one or two sticking points for me though. I have repetitive strain injury and currently use nib autoclick software. I've been looking at kmousetool. Once I've got the programme started and running in the background and then close it, I can't get the settings up. Do you have to leave the settings page open while you're using the program? Can you have the settings page open when you start up your computer?

The second thing is using dragon naturally speaking in wine. How easy is this to install? Can the speech recognition be opened quickly and the text copied and pasted from the dragon pad in wine, to the main desktop environment? I've had a look on the wine forum and version 10 seems to work the best.

Just one more thing when you install software that is outside the main software centre, like skype for example, does that slow things down and do any upgrades come from the software centre or would they come from skype?

Thank you for your help



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