October 29, 2013

Can't find a distro to work


I just bought an Alienware 14 laptop with the idea of installing Linux on it and dual booting that and Windows 7 in legacy mode,( 7 shipped pre-installed in legacy mode).
The graphics card in the machine uses a GeForce GTX 765M chipset and I can't find a Linux distro that will display the screen correctly, when I boot a live CD the screen is torn into multiple screens, I just can't find a a distro to display correctly.
I have found a file with a driver that is supposed to work, NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-331.17.run. Is there any way to install that to use that with the live CD without installing the live CD to my hard drive so I can Linux first?
Can anyone help with this or point me to a place where I can get help?

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