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January 9, 2012

Custom Kernel compilation to be at custom volume


I wanna compile a kernel myself, but haven't proceeded yet.

I've just used menuconfig to save the default ".config" file :-D . As I know, I must now run:

make module_install
make install

(The Kernel is 3.1.8, obviously from kernel.org)

Here are my questions:
1. Is the order above correct?
2. As I know, just as I run the above commands, my compilation will replace the kernel of this Ubuntu, (since it'll go to directories like /boot /etc, which are my CURRENT UBUNTU, at the time of installation), but what I want and have meant to do, is to install it to my /dev/sda5. How may I do this?
3. And then an update-grub from here in Ubuntu should add the kernel to boot list, yet keeping this Ubuntu's GRUB/MBR config, right?

thanks so much for you helps.

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