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August 8, 2016

Data Recovery After Failed Xubutu 16.04 Update


Hi -
Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I've just registered. I'm at the end of my rope trying to figure out how to recover my data after a failed Xubuntu 16.04 LTS update.
I ran Xubuntu 15.04 LTS on an old Samsung Netbook and used it as a file storage / home plex server. During the update to 16.04 the system became unresponsive and I restarted the computer (obviously, should not have done that). After that, I could not log into the system: the new version didn't show up in the list of installed ubuntu versions and the old version wouldn't load.
I booted up from a live usb and managed to mount the drive with the messed up system. I could navigate to the /home and /home/MyUserName folder but that is encrypted and says I don't the privileges to access the files.
I tried using ecrypt per what I managed to find googling but to no avail.
Is there any way I can restore my data? It 100+ Gb of family photos taken over a couple of years...
Tons of thanks in advance!
P.S. I am fairly new to Linux so don't really know much about the system.







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