November 16, 2010

FreeBSD (pfSense) -- Can't boot after install


My original thread is at,29849.0.html, but I am trying to see if I can "load-balance" and try to get help from multiple locations through a broader publicity.

Here is the problem:
Computer starts.
Boot menu with "F1 FreeBSD" and a prompt for a shortcut key shows up (you either wait a couple seconds or hit F1).
The next line after the boot prompt is a non-rotating "|" or "\" (it will start out as - and rotate clockwise to said position, then never move again); pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL results in instant reboot.

What's wrong? I have tried many things. :( Any suggestions? Also, I have tried to mount the partition, but Partition Magic from UBCD v5.0.2 (not sure how outdated Partition Magic on that is) ends up giving me an error about unknown filesystem and stuff; pfSense uses a UFS2 filesystem.

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