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March 11, 2013

Gaming linux to run like a program


Hey guys. Sorry I'm a complete noob about Linux. I'm looking for a Linux that's great for gaming, but i want to be able to run it like a windows program. I saw that lucid puppy could do so, but how is the OS? also, I NEED it to be able to run like a windows program because i want to run games like fallout 3 at school, but i can install an entire OS onto a computer, get it? also if there is an ability to do this, i need it to be a non high user level type program(like needing to run as ADMIN) because that's not an option. any help would be vastly appreciated. Also it needs to be fully operational off of a flash drive, though i may be able to put a few files onto the computer, but not installing anything to conspicuous.

I recently saw that linux OS's arnt able to efficiently run windows based games alone, but i still need the OS. I recently saw that you can dual boot, but every dual boot description i saw required you to install to the computer, and as stated above, i cannot do so. is it possible to dual boot without installing to the computer, possibly by installing to the flashdrive only? and if i dual boot will that transfer over any of the admin setting over to the linux? I need to be admin to play any decent games, and this is the only way i can do so.

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