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November 15, 2010

Getting ready to ditch Linux.


I have been having so many problems with SUSE 10.0 that I am about to install Windows. I bought a lenovo laptop that came preloaded with Linux (so I wouldn't have driver problems) to use in grad school. Specifically I wanted to use Lyx, and wanted to get away from MS-Windows if possible. Most of the problems are with upgrading and installing software.

For instance I can't install Firefox 3 or even Chrone because of unspecified dependencies. I can't get VLC loaded and can't even get the right codecs for my software/hardware to even watch a DVD. And with Linux my printer sorta kinda works for printing but not scanning. I have a Windows XP desktop where I go to get things done.

I was warned that the linux desktop wasn't ready yet and I don't have the time to research every little thing to get it to work. So before I give up on Linux, does anyone have a real solution that let's me utilize the great software out there without the continuous headaches? Is there an easy to use Linux?

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