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February 9, 2011

install freeze's from boot


I'm very new to linux..... I tested Zorin OS 4 on my desktop and installed the OS to my EHD and it worked great i loved the program durning the test period and decided to install it to my laptop as my new OS.

Heres my system specs:

Compaq presario 2100
Celeron 1.99ghz
512 ram
40 G HDD
Not sure about the GPU what ever is standard....

Heres the list of problems I've had...

when i goto boot from my disk drive i get the boot menu were it says "boot live" and ect when i goto hit enter or scroll down the computer freeze's. when i allow it to just "time out" and select the current selection it stops at "1" and freezes. i know the disk is good because i installed it on my desktop EHD

Also when i tried to use "Dban" the program also froze, thinking it was a problem with my laptop or the software i tried to use the windows system disks that i got if i wanted to reformate the HDD and it worked just fine.

I also tried installing Ubuntu OS and the same thing happened, i actually get a purple screen with a small keyboard = (picture of a "stick figure".) both were a picture, it also froze.

I could really use your help with this as im really wanting to install Zorin or ubuntu on my laptop as im tired of windows xp and tired of all the problems associated with it....



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