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April 3, 2012

Installation problem


I just downloaded Ubuntu yesturday from there website and i downloaded it to a erasable disk. So i put the disk in and run it on my desktop and everything goes as it should I brings me to the screen were i can just try Ubuntu or install it. So i press the install Ubuntu. The it takes me to the installation type screen. I push erase old operating system and put Ubuntu 11.10. It ask me were im located and keybord layout. The it ask me Who i am and i put in the information. Then it starts to install When its finished it says (Installation is complete. You need to complete in order to use new installation) So i restart my desktop and a black screen pops up having a check listof everything being ok. And on the bottom of the check list saying i need to (remove installation media in the tray then press enter. So i do and my desktop restarts. After it restarts it takes me to a black screen With a list and everything saying ok next to it, expect (Starting automatic crash report generation) Which has failed in red.I can't exit from this screen or move on. It also says failed t set mode on (crtc:6) I tried pressing Ctrl delete, i tried Esc button. I I am new to Linux Ubuntu and need some help.

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