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August 11, 2009

never used cfdisk before, small HDD as well.


i have a rather old hp pavillion that i would like to prevent from becoming useless. the hard drive in it is very small. it has a version of linux, probably ubuntu, already installed, because grub loads at bootup. being such a small hard drive, i have decided to install damn small linux instead, but i don't know how to use cfdisk, the native dsl partitioner.
dsl is running off the cdrom. it's not installed on the hard drive.
i became root by putting this in terminal:

sudo -s

then i accessed cfdisk by using this:

cfdisk /dev/hda

the cfdisk utility came on screen with the following info:

disk drive: /dev/hda
size 545513472 bytes 545MB
heads: 255 sectors per track: 63 cylinders: 66

hda1 primary linux 82.26 MB
hda2 primary linux ext2 172.74 MB
hda3 primary linux ext2 287.89 MB

to make a long story short, is this hard drive big enough for damn small linux?, and are these partitions adequate?
i could sure use some guidance using this utility. i don't honestly know which partition to use as root, which to make swap, which to make home, and which to make bootable.
going from the graphical user interface that ubuntu offers to cfdisk is quite a change. could someone lend some expertise? thanks.

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