April 20, 2015

New to Linux and Installing Ubuntu.


Hey, I'm new to Linux. I have decided to install Ubuntu 14.10 recently, but right now I'm using it from a Live USB. It works fast! :) I'm on a Lenovo Yoga 2 11 with an Intel Core i3, and heck, I've noticed Linux is SOOOO much faster than that lousy Windows 8.1. I don't even have that much programs installed on Windows! :(

To get to the point of this, I might install Ubuntu. But if I love it enough after using it for a few weeks, I will to completely throw Windows off my HDD, and combine its partition back into Ubuntu's. I want to keep the Recovery Partition so I can install Windows back whenever I want it.

I hope that isn't confusing for you Linux and hard drive experts. I just don't want to screw up anything. I spent a lot of money on my laptop! I haven't even had for a year.

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