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April 13, 2010

Problem while installing WAS ND package


Hi everyone,
Hope u doing good.
I am trying to installl WebSphere Application Server(WAS) ND package, i got problem at initial level
I hope, the problem is with Mozilla browzer. Can anyone trobleshoot the problem

An error occurred while starting the launchpad for a WebSphere Application
Server - Edge Components Version 6.1 product.

Installation programs on the product CD

If you already know what to install, you can locate the installation programs
in the following directories on the product CD:

Edge Components: /install
IBM HTTP Server: /IHS/install
Web server plug-ins: /plugin/install

More information on the product CD

If you cannot start the launchpad on the product CD after using the following
procedure, you can find more information about any of the installable
Components on the product CD in readme.htm.

Translated versions of the HTML document are in the /launchpad directory.

The procedure for correcting an error that is preventing the launchpad from displaying

The launchpad supports the following browsers:
o Mozilla, Version 1.4 or later
o Internet Explorer, Version 5.5 with SP 2 or later

Use the following procedure to correct the error that is preventing
the launchpad from displaying and to try to start the launchpad again:

1. If you do not have the Mozilla Web browser, download and install the Mozilla
Web browser from http://www.mozilla.org.

On Linux and UNIX platforms, export the location of the supported browser:

export BROWSER=/usr/bin/mozilla

2. If the product CD is no longer accessible, insert the CD and
mount the drive if necessary on Linux and UNIX platforms.

3. Enable JavaScript in your browser.

On a Mozilla browser:
Click Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Scripts & Plugins:
a. Enable JavaScript for: Navigator
b. Allow Scripts to: (Select all boxes)
[root@localhost was]#

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