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April 28, 2010

Removal of additional users accounts


Recently I upgraded to the new Kubuntu 10.04 version, which I find very nice and functionally stable. My problem is this:

During a disastrous experience with a virus, that severely crippled my email accounts in Linux, that made me having to perform an upgrade to the newer version I have presently installed, I created new user account windows, trying to find a session that was free of this infection, which turn out being no source of a resolution or fix to the system files that were corrupted.

I need to know how now to delete these extra windows. I have Enlightenment D17 which I want to keep. I also have these additions which I need to delete to regain valuable disk space:

Splunck Server
Administrator 822

There is one more, which has an odd name. Anyway, without going into detail of why I created them, I just need to get rid of them and keep only my Gnome, Ubuntu [ kubuntu and john822 ] set-up, as these are my logical mounted windows.

I have come a long way with Linux in a very short time, as I was a novice at the beginning, but now know what set ups are beneficial for me to have a stable operating system.

As I said, I just need to know how to delete these accounts without being asked why the Hell I made them in the first place. Thank You, John....:ohmy:

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