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November 30, 2010

Trouble installing Lubuntu 10.10 on HP Laptop



I just recently acquired an old HP ze4805 laptop from an acquaintance of mine that doesn't have an OS installed on it (previously had WinXP and might actually still be installed, but does not load). I've been interested in Linux but never actually had the courage to use it on any of the other computers I've owned, so I decided to use this opportunity to try out the lightweight version of Ubuntu, given the older hardware on the laptop.

So I bought a live cd of Lubuntu 10.10 and had a go, but once I tried to install or use the live cd mode at the boot screen, I just get the Lubuntu loading screen for several hours until I get an error that says this:

(process:253): GLib - warning getpwnid_r(): failed due to unknown userID

Also, I tried the option on the boot screen of 'check memory', and it goes through several tests, but then ends up crashing and shutting down the computer.

Any advice would be wonderful.

Specs that I know of:
AMD Athlon XP 2.1GHz

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