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June 12, 2014

which is THE Best file system for i.MX6Q for WANDBOARD ???


Hello everyone,

I want best file system for my next project for i.MX6Q on wand board..

First of all I explain very basic overview for you all about my projects and its detail so its better for you...

I have one ready source code of one of my application and old Kernel (2.6.16)..these all use in..

ARM NXP LH7A404 with simple LCD (without touch)

with U-BOOT and

with JFFS2 file system.

Now the main work start here..

I want to migrate my old source code as it is with new Kernel (3.0.35) with...

Wand board Quad with i.X6Q

with U-boot (also want to change)

with 3.5 inch 4 wires embedded touch screen display.

with unknown file system (???????)

tool chain - unknown (?????????)

so now question is that,,

Which file system I use or which file system is best for my application according above parameters and configuration ???


which tool chain I use or which tool chain is best for my application according above parameters and configuration ???

also suggest me any changes do in boot loader ? if needed ?

so, here any one suggest me file system, tool chain as per above configuration of i.MX6Q in WAND BOARD QUAD.

Please reply me in details and provide links any if possible.


Thank you.


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