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December 1, 2014

Hi All, and looking for some professional advice


Hi All,

My name is Laurence, and I am quite new to LINUX. After 20 years in I.T. on the Wintel side of the business (with a very strong focus as a SQL Server DBA/Support Analyst 3), I've decided I need a change. I'm jumping ship, and learning LINUX. I am however finding it all to be a bit overwhelming. I've been playing with a few of the distros such as Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu, and get the whole basic "what came from where", but from a professional standpoint, I'm getting a bit lost in the "why". I don't see that massive of a difference between desktops like GNOME and Unity, and I get the fact that Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS use *.rpm packages out of YUM repos, and that Debian/Ubuntu/Mint use *.dpkg packages out of APT repos, but once again, why? I also want to get Certified as I need something on my resume to show that I have the LINUX knowledge as it's all Windows/SQL Server right now. Where that gets confusing once again is what certs? RHEL? Ubuntu OpenStack? LPI? Linux Federation?

Looking forward to chatting with you all on the forum here, and any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Laurence M. Schwarz
Edmonds, WA

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