July 5, 2011

Hi, I still consider myself a noob.


been using linux for about 8 years an most of that time only linux. but there is so much to learn. Recently on several occasions I thought I'd need to go back to Windows to do some job, but on closer examination (and maybe asking a few questions) I found that Linux would do it nicely. I like to play with photos in Gimp. Just recently discovered "recordmydesktop". Openoffice (now Libreoffice) leaves Microsoft office in the dust. Nero doesn't hold a candle to k3b.

But then some might say I'm getting predjudiced ;) Recently rescued an old (windows 98) laptop with a 6 GB drive by installing Puppy on it for one of my daughters. It runs really fast, and does everything that windows XP will do (only better) and a lot more..

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