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February 18, 2012

Introduction + what's up with Linux Ultimate OS website?



I'm a Linux noob and I'm currently trying out several distros in a multi-boot system on two hard drives.
I know nothing at all about the command-prompt... any time I've had to use the terminal for anything, I've been lucky to get help at one of the forums, and people have given me commands to copy-and paste ;-)

I have a 120 Gb Crucial C-300 SSD that has my Win 7 Pro and Win 8 Developer's Preview, and on a 1 TB Caviar Black I have Mint 12 Gnome, Mint 12 KDE, Zorin 5.2 (which I like a lot!), and Ubuntu 11.1 (which I don't really care for.)

I also have a partition reserved for Ultimate OS. I had Ultimate 3.0 installed and took it off for some reason... even though I really liked it too. The last I saw their website, there was a tease about Ultimate OS 3.0.1. But for a couple of weeks now, their site has been down.

Does anyone have any info about what's going on there?


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