December 6, 2014

Linnea's Game


1 print "Linnea's Game. (c) Free Software Foundation 2014"
2 print "Released under the GNU GPLv3. See GNU.ORG"
3 print "So he wept, for his soul was unpure."
4 print "Silently waiting for cleansing."
5 print "Forth came a female warrior of sorts."
6 print "She saw his agony."
7 print "Her powerful grasp defeated Death itself."
8 print "And he was free."
9 print "Pretty romantic, huh? :)"
10 print "I want to play a game."
20 print "What do I believe in"
30 input b$
40 if b$<>"Reasonable Rate of Return" then 20
50 print "How much have I not paid"
60 input p
70 if p<>0 then 50
80 print "I want 10%"
90 input w
100 if w<>0 then 80
110 print "Basically I love you. Will you marry me kind of immediatly plz ffs"
120 input m$
130 print "Whatever you say. You may kill me now."

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