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August 14, 2010

keyboard on a macbook 2


Hi, I installed debian stable with a custom realtime kernel ( on a macbook 2, today. After installation I recognized that the keyboard didn't work correctly. But as I found the following site http://wiki.debian.org/MacBook the salvation seemed to be closer to me. I got the right mac key to work as third level chooser but still can't switch to an other console. At Xorg I didn't have a look at it, yet. Because as I tried some inappropriate layouts I had to use the rescue system!

So finally I need help with the keyboard setup on a macbook 2 for console and Xorg.

What I did till now:

add the line below to '/etc/console-tools/remap'
s/keycode 126 =/keycode 126 = AltGr/;

run `loadkeys` command

run `dpkg-reconfigure -p low console-data` and selected the "pc / qwertz / Swiss / German / Apple USB" keyboard layout even it's a built in keyboard

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