August 26, 2010

Whats a Good Quality Laptop to Run LINUX?


closest thread to laptops... U_U i know. N00B.. but I NEED it to run linux w/out BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH

But I'm looking to get a new laptop for my LINUX programming/ OS. [I will be running Dual OS, so far.]

I don't know what IS a "GOOD" laptop. there are so many mixed reviews so Im looking to the programmers for opinions since I will be doing the same thing, typically, using linux for programming.

Dell? Toshiba? Compaq? Alienware? [I thinks its overpriced, M0Ding is cheaper,] [I stay away from MACs cuz I want to swap parts myself and upgrade hassle free]

SINCE I'm M0dding it myself, I'm getting JUST the basics. So Other than the MOTHERBOARD, what should I fully upgrade that I cant do myself by going into like a best buy and buying the parts myself?

By Good I mean long battery life, Durability, functionality, internal parts wont be wonky...

I'd Appreciate all the help I can get THX!

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