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May 15, 2009

Wireless networking with Atheros chip set


I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their computers and wireless networks. I have three laptops that have Atheros wireless adapters in them, a Toshiba, a Lenovo and an eee pc. The Toshiba is the oldest and dual boots WinXP and Arch Linux, the Lenovo dual boots Vista and Arch and the eee dual boots XP and Arch. I use Arch on these machines pretty much exclusively. I had a really nice network set up at home and recently my DSL modem died and had to be replaced. I had a WRT54G wireless router that works flawlessly with everything in the network but when the DSL went out AT&T send a 2Wire modem/wireless router so I had to take the WRT54G out of service and use the wireless router part of the 2Wire. Now here are where my issues came up, the machines with the Atheros chips weren't able to connect to the wireless network, they were properly configured and all but they wouldn't connect. The Toshiba I rebooted to XP and it connected fine, then rebooted and then it connected fine. My wife's eee which runs the stock Asus Zandros distro wouldn't connect either.

I also have experience difficulties connecting to a dlink router with my Lenovo in Linux as well, with Vista it connects fine. My eee connects everytime to the dlink using Linux I don't know why.

So has anyone experienced the same issues with the Atheros chips in Linux connecting to various wireless routers?

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