August 1, 2009

Any kind of Linux for iPhone/iPod touch? Please?

Ok. Well, I am your average jailbroken iTouch user, but I have recently been introduced to Linux (A couple months ago). I was wondering if anyone knew of a distro for the iTouch that has GUI and touch screen usablilty. I have heard of the open iBoot, but my iTouch might as well be a monitor because it is merely the command line. My Aussie friend (Who introduced me to Linux) would totally freak out when/if I get some distro (maybe DSL or puppy?) on my iTouch. I know the apple iPhone OS works better and faster, but with the 16GB memory, I could probably partition or something like that with the GRUB bootloader running on startup. If any one knows of something I could use to install, and sometime even restore, that would be amazing... :laugh: :woohoo:

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