December 16, 2010

Booting Linux in few secs, suggestions welcomed

As many of you I've been really impressed by Arjan van de Ven and his colleagues when after the Plumbers Conference (I wish to see it... sigh) he posted an impressive presentation with a "live demo" of a complete system booting in 5 secs.
I know: they've targeted a designed machine, SSD disks and an internal support from Intel for beeing able do work on that. I'm trying to find docs and real case studies for a LSB distro capable of booting in few secs with common SATA (not SSD) disks on a more common and affordable hardware. I'd like to port a media center and I wish to have it running under X in few secs instead of waiting for more than 20 secs.
I've obtained nice results by customizing stock distros (Gentoo, Slack, Debian) but I've never been able to have X fully running under 15-20 secs. It would be great to share your impressions, patches, tips for your favorite distro; best performances will go to Gentoo (parallel init makes me boost) and Slackware at the moment, I've not tried to "return back" to LFS for this task but I'll do it if patches and improvements will make the difference.

Note to moderators: I don't know the right place where I can put this strange argument, please move it if not appropriate (I don't love to double/triple/.. post in every distro forum)


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