March 29, 2012

Help on SD Boot Partition

I have to install a OS on a beagleboard whit SD boot.
I used a procedure that I found on the net. It says:

Download from:

Format & partition the sd-card at /dev/sdb
(the actual drive mounts listed here may be different on your host system)
$sudo $Beagleboard/binaries/ /dev/sdb

This creates two partitions: /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2, which are FAT32 and ext2 file formats respectively.

I made that. It creats two partition as it says but if I unmount and then insert again the SD Reader in the USB port the OS (Ubuntu 11.10) don't read the card. If I try with Windows it says that support is not formatted. Is it right?

Infact, when I insert the microSD in the Beagleboard, the Beagle doesn't read the card.
haw can I crate a Boot partition on SD card that work?

Thank's for help and sorry for my english!

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