October 6, 2012

linux image 3.6.0 breaks my NFS

I have been running linux-image 3.5.2 on debian sid since the release of 3.5.2. I have not had any issues with nfs. Today I installed 3.6.0 and my nfs does not work. The server location is mounted in the client /etc/fstab but file manager does not see the symlinks. What has changed in the way the kernel handles nfs in 3.6?

Edit: This may be the same issue with symlinks as mentioned here

Edit 2:
nfs symlinks in /etc/fstab: /home/jheaton5/chico nfs rw,hard,intr,sync 0 0 /home/jheaton5/chico/chico nfs rw,hard,intr,sync 0 0
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